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So, just how do you manage woolly, nappy, all natural African American black hair styles?


The two step regiment that works for me is noted below. I actually use African black soap to wash my hair. The brand I use contains shea butter as a major ingredient, and I am always amazed at how soft it makes my hair feel. The coarseness dissipates and the hair is manageable again, and it no longer has that wooly feeling.


Liquid Black Soap All of this is important to me because I’m tender-headed and some shampoos make my hair even hard to touch after washing, let alone trying to comb that bad boy. Black soap is like a miracle in getting your hair soft and comb-able.


I remember that for the longest I would periodically ask the Father up above, “Why did you give us this wooly, wooly hair? I mean, how are we supposed to take care of it if we want to wear it natural and be done with the burnt ears or the hair that falls out when the beautician miscalculates how long to leave the relaxer in.”


And His response--when I finally got one--was “Ok, I gave you the wooly hair, but I also gave you natural products to take care of it so all you have to do is to connect the dots.” And so I said, “Ok, thank you Father. Thank you for helping me to connect the dots.” What else could I say. And we left it right there.


So I use this black soap instead of shampoo to wash my hair, and before I braid it down I use the pure unrefined all natural shea butter to further moisturize the hair and the scalp before proceeding to my current two-twist braided style.


So basically, what I am trying to tell you is that if you are catering to an all natural hair style and your hair is wooly or coarse or unmanageable, you will want to:



Use African black soap that contains shea butter to wash your hair in. This makes the hair feel soft, comb-able and manageable


Use all natural unrefined shea butter to give your hair the luster, sheen and softness that you want your natural African hair style to possess.

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P.S. For those who want to know, I use Dudu-Osun Black Soap (get it at Africa Imports) or if you prefer your shampoo in liquid form, try the liquid black soap listed here.


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